The return of Mondays with Marius; also, about that TFC loss

image1Little known fact: the MLS CBA negotiations weren’t the only high-pressure talks going on last week. Marc and Marius were locked in a boardroom battle, too, hence the week off for the pod. But thankfully they’ve come to an agreement and the show goes on.

This week they break down the Toronto loss: the good, the goals against, the PK call, the second-half disappearing act.

Marius explains why new dad Pa-Modou Kah’s a great signing even if he never plays another minute. And he guarantees Robbie Keane won’t get fined for the same rude gesture he himself was fined for in the past.

Also: we take our first listener questions in the mailbox. Were Ayr United games like a Viking rampage? Why, yes they were.

This is Mondays with Marius on Province Sports Radio.

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