Mondays with Marius on David Ousted, MLS bullies and Vikings TV

Rovde7_1042927pThey’re back! (Still on the Viking calendar).

Mondays with Marius returns to Province Sports Radio, albeit on a Tuesday. But like the Whitecaps the last three weeks, we say better late than never!

Province reporter Marc Weber and Whitecaps goalkeeping coach Marius Rovde break down the Caps’ 2-1 win over the Portland Timbers from Saturday and look ahead to the matchup against the reigning MLS champion L.A. Galaxy this weekend.

David Ousted. So hot right now. Will Denmark ever call?

Do the Caps deserve their growing reputation as MLS bullies?

And who does Marius think will be next to die in Vikings? (Spoiler alert: We don’t spoil anything).

Enjoy! And see you next week. Probably on Tuesday. Hopefully on Monday. But maybe on Wednesday. It’s all part of the rustic charm of Mondays with Marius.

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