Would you trade Ryan Kesler?

PNG0111 CanucksSkillsWell – would you?

J-Mac and PJ were kicking that around today in the Province Sports lounge.

We all know the Canucks are good but not great. Henrik’s out. Brad Richardson is the second line centre. Jordan Schroeder is close but ready yet.

And Kesler is the first line centre. So, time to get that re-build going, right?

That’s a topic to chew on…so we’ve connected with Cam Charron, purveyor of hockey stats and curling analysis.

Charron writes about the Canucks at various outlets, but he also writes about the Leafs. So what to make of the buds, who are on a six-game win streak, despite all prognostication. How do you explain the Leafs?

Believe it or not, Charron’s answer is not what you might expect.

His feelings on Dallas Eakins – probably less surprising.

(And no, there’s no Province Sports lounge.)

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