World Cup, Whitecaps and more

Ed Willes and Paul Chapman reunite for a Province Sports podcast where they kick around the themes, stories and success of the World Cup including a look at the teams in the final.

That segues nicely into the future of Vancouver Whitecap Alphonso Davies and his ever-shortening future in town. What is the ceiling for Davies? What are the odds he can spend more seasons in Vancouver?

Ed and Paul then dig into another young, local star, B.C. Lions quarterback Jonathan Jennings. What’s gone wrong with Jennings? Are the Lions making a mistake yanking him for perpetually injured veteran Travis Lulay?

Of course, having covered the Caps and Lions, they lads couldn’t leave the Canucks so they examine free agency, and what that means for yet another young star, Quinn Hughes. Does it make sense for the Canucks to bring their seventh-overall pick to the NHL so soon?

All that and more in this edition of Province Sports Radio.

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