Willie Desjardins and the charge forward

sports_illustrated1Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman as they talk about Canucks coach Willie Desjardins.

Ben Kuzma wrote a front-page story this week questioning if Desjardins was the coach to lead the Canucks charge forward, and Ed and Paul get into if that’s the media’s role to put someone’s job under question. It leads to discussion about how Desjardins has handled the task at hand so far this season.

The lads then turn to talk to the English Premier League’s Leicester City, and how good a story it will be if they end up winning the title. In a league with complete free agency, no draft and no limitations on how much an owner can spend, it’s refreshing on many levels to see a team with a fraction of resources of its rivals to be able to compete, let alone win.

Finally, the pod ends with conversation on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, is it still relevant?

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