Where this season ranks in Canucks history

willes_moriarity_chapmanIn Province Sports Radio, Ed Willes edition, Ed is joined by Paul Chapman and special guest Editor In Chief Wayne Moriarty to discuss where this season ranks in Canucks history? How surprised are fans at the spot the Canucks find themselves in going into the playoffs. The talk then turns to the rest of the NHL, and which teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, have a realistic shot at winning the Cup.

Ed and Paul then kick around the allure of The Masters. Ed has visited Augusta National a couple of times and gets going on what makes it such a special place.

Lastly Ed engages Paul in a discussion about what a strange NHL season it has been, no real standout players or teams, but a whole lot of parity makes the 2015 Stanley Cup tournament one of the more wide open, and intriguing, in memory.

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