What the Canucks need to be

canucks1In Friday’s edition of Province Sports Radio: What You Talkin’ About Willes, Paul Chapman and Ed get into the Canucks, and what they need to be headed into the Trade Deadline. Ed thinks this team’s goal should be to get a Top 5 Blue Chip draft pick, so, in other words, tank. Paul wonders if the paying customer, or the money-conscious owners, concur.

They then wonder about Gary Bettman’s new seven year contract extension. Does he deserve it? No, clearly not, but with the dramatic rise in revenues, which has come along with the advent of multi-media, multi-channel demand for programming of all sorts, Bettman is bound to get some of that juice rub off on him to get the new deal. Owners like money, and clearly Gary has made them money.

Lastly Ed and Paul chat about the Super Bowl, how this has been Cam Newton’s week, how anyone who doesn’t like that, had better get used to it because he’s made himself a staple of the new NFL and he won’t be going away.

Listen every Friday as Ed and Paul give you a Friday afternoon distraction on the world of sports while you pretend you’re still waiting for the clock to click past your shift.

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