Utica! Utica! Utica!

Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils

Bullies – no one needs ’em. And why hit the mascot? Really?

Maybe it’s because the mascot hit you.

(By the way, did you know that Jonny Mac was a mascot in his university days? He really, really was.)

The Canucks are on the road. Without David Booth.

What to make of the Deer Hunter, now that he’s been shipped to Utica for two weeks. Find your game, David, just find it. That’s the problem.

On the other hand, the return of Alex Burrows has been very understated but it’s also been very effective. Did you notice how little you noticed Phil Kessel on Saturday? The Burrows-Santorelli-Higgins triumvirate has something to do with that, you know…

Coyotes vs Canucks, tonight. A much nicer ring to it that Wild vs Canucks.

Our reporters are happy, that’s all we know.

This is Province Sports Radio.

Adam Foster Movember(Also, a quick shoutout to our colleague Adam Foster – he’s got a movember campaign rolling, and there are few more deserving of support than Mr. Foster. So click through and fire him over a few bucks.)

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