Time for Don to go and at 100 bucks a pop, will anyone go to the Heritage Classic?

Boston Bruins v Vancouver Canucks - Game TwoBig topics, eh?

Tuesday’s Province editorial was all about Donald S. We say it’s time for him to hop on his plaid horse and ride off into the nostalgic sunset. He’s just not that interesting anymore.

When was the last time he said something that was really, truly controversial. He suggests a dislike for foreigners, but he doesn’t really go at them directly.

All he does is reinforce some safe, unambitious version of Canada.

Wayne Moriarty, Editor-in-Chief (and yes, biggest Habs fan in Vancouver) sits in with Chappy, J-Mac and PJ to start today’s show to present the papers stance. The boys don’t argue with him all that much, not because they are worried about their jobs, but because they agree with. Honestly.

We’ve got a few of you fans, you know. One of you wrote in to comment about the high prices of the Heritage Classic. Tickets go on sale later this week; you’ll be facing three figures on your receipt when it does come time to pony up. If there ever was an example of how the NHL is all about the business, it’s this boondoggle of an ‘outdoor’ game.

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