Tim Thomas returns. David Booth doesn’t.

San Jose Sharks v Vancouver CanucksDavid Booth hits the pine.
What happened to the guy that arrived in Vancouver with so much promise? He’s not the same player, the people say. Writers too.
Province Sports hockey writer Ben Kuzma joins Patrick and Jonathan and helps shed some light on the enigma that is the Boothian one.
There’s also lots to talk about with the return of Tim Thomas to Vancouver. Did you forget how good he really was in 2011? He was lights-out good. Unprecedented good. Best-ever season for a goalie-good.
In Florida, it’s impossible to expect the same. But will the Canucks bring their pop-gun offence tonight or will they finally start filling the net?
Torts talked about Jason Garrison this morning, Ben fills us in on what he meant.
So, saddle up, it’s 20 minutes of Kuzma-fuelled power.
This is Province Sports Radio.

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