The NFL All You Can Eat Podcast featuring Ed Willis

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman for the podcast where they talk about the massive games in the NFL this week, including the Patriots v the Cheating Whiners, sorry, the Steelers, the Seahawks v Rams and the Chiefs v the Chargers, whom Ed still thinks are in San Diego. That wraps up the La-Z-Boy Vancouver NFL part of the podcast, and the talk then turns to something uglier than the Colts v Broncos Thursday nighter, the Canucks.

After running down the NFL, the lads try to make sense of not only the utter destruction of the Canucks by the Nashville Predators, they also look at the recent fall off a cliff for the Canucks offence since Bo Horvat’s injury.
They talk about reasons for the Canucks stumbling form, how the race for the Calder Trophy may be the only storyline worth following the rest of the way, and the giant red flag being waved above Rogers Arena right now, yes, you’ll have to listen to hear what that is.
Ed and Paul then get into what these last two weeks could mean for the future of GM Jim Benning, before segueing into the themes and storylines across the NHL this season so far.

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