The Hip: Canada’s greatest sports band

Vancouver  B.C.  July 24, 2016  Hip on the night-- The Tragically Hip's Gord Downie and the band thrills fans at their   concert in Rogers Arena in Vancouver on July 24 2016  The Hip's 15-date, cross-Canada tour promoting the bands latest album, Man Machine Poem, was the announced in May, after learning that frontman Gord Downie had developed incurable brain cancer.    Mark van Manen/ PNG Staff photographer   see  Franois Marchand Province /Vancouver Sun/  Entertainment    /Feature stories     and Web. stories   000442998A [PNG Merlin Archive]Patrick Johnston and Eric MacKenzie have some big questions today.

Are the Hip Canada’s greatest sports band?

Does Twitter winning streaming rights to MLB and the NHL mean anything at all for the future of how we watch sports?

Will six-hole rock and roll golf actual mean anything?

And why won’t the IOC let their whistleblower compete in Rio?

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