The Flyers’ training regimen…or Rocky II, you pick

rockyIt’s been a while eh?

The good news is you’re stuffed. The bad news is, you’re out of shape.

How about a Rocky II-style 50 km run?

“You’re joking!” you say? No joke. That’s how fan it’s been estimated that Rocky ran in his training run in the second flick in the series. There was a great piece by in September on this, penned by Dan McQuade.

Today the Flyers are in town and it gives us here at PSR the chance to bring in not McQuade but another Philly media type, CSN’s Sarah Baicker.

Just how have the Flyers managed to turn it around? And seriously, how could anyone possibly manage 50 km in a run, with kids trailing behind, in the middle of winter in Philly? (Actually someone did – we’ll talk about that too.)

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