The Ed Willes Podcast

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to talk NFL, the Seahawks, Brock Boeser and the Canucks.

Ed thinks that might be it for the Seahawks who he thinks will see major change in the offseason. The lads then look at the big games this weekend and look ahead to who might be the teams to watch in the last couple of weeks headed into the playoffs. Ed thinks it’s Minnesota while Paul favours Jacksonville.

They then switch to the Canucks where, and you’ll have to listen to rationale behind it, Paul compares Boeser to Ickey Woods. Ed has more lucid observations as he marvels at Boeser’s play but thinks the Canucks are in for a bit of a rocky start to 2018, which he still thinks is a good thing.

Ed and Paul would like to thank you all for listening this year and wish you all the best for Christmas and into the New Year.

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