Talkin’ Canucks: Trevor Linden hiring edition

Vancouver Canucks Announce Trevor Linden As President Hockey OperationsTrevor Linden is in.

What to make of the second-time return of the prodigal son?

Vancouver loves TL. That’s the starting point. But he is really the man for this job?

Francesco Aquilini introduced his new hire, then said the hiring of Torts was something he backed but also the reason why there was an announcement to make today.

Linden has been out of hockey for six years. He’s been riding bikes, developing properties and building a network of gyms.

He used to be president of the NHLPA. He’s been a man of conviction. But he’s never run a team.

Paul Chapman, Jonathan McDonald and Patrick Johnston discuss the choice and what lays in front of him; he’s in to help sell tickets, but he must be more than that.

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