Should winning feel like losing?

Chris Higgins, Kevin Bieksa, Zack KassianWinning hockey is what people want. They watch because of success. Play a crap game, people get frustrated.

So how to explain the impact of the shootout? It’s messed up everyone’s appreciation for a quality effort. Now we think of a ‘SOL’ like we think of an ‘L’.

It’s crazy.

That was a heckuva game last night. It was a wild third period, featuring some amazing feats of skill.

But it wasn’t a win, and wins are what people are paid for.

So value that, Jill and John Q. Sportsfan.

It’s the usual crew breaking down Canucks, with a dash of Dennis Rodman’s North Korean insanity and recognition for some newly-minted baseball greats.

Oh, and J.R. Smith says watch your shoelaces.

This is Province Sports Radio.

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