Shots, shots, shots

Rob FordJ-Mac is back! And he’s got no sunburn.
Of course, what does he want to discuss? Swim-up bars. It’s some safety advice, really. It’s a public service.
Grey Cup is set, it’s a home team Grey Cup for the third year in a row. Nice one.
Plus, those Canucks can’t score. At all. They shoot and shoot and shoot, but they aren’t getting any results. Is that because of a change in strategy? Or is it just bad luck?
At least it makes for interesting hockey, wouldn’t you say? In a town where we became used to discussions about process, isn’t it nice that the process isn’t dull and robotic anymore?
And yes, more chatter about Rob Ford. We can’t resist. Of course we recorded this before he did his pass rush on the rest of council, but you know what, we can’t get to everything. Damn.
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