Sept. 13, 2012

Published: September 14, 2012 | By afoster

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In Thursday’s Province Sports podcast, columnist Tony Gallagher sits down with Jonathan McDonald to talk about the impending NHL lockout. Gallagher, naturally, is not pleased. He’s particularly displeased with the 30 NHL owners, who he considers greedy. “The players are the show,” says Gallagher, who talks about the risks inherent in a lockout for the Vancouver Canucks – and what fans here will miss if the season goes kaput.

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  • My first time ever listening to a podcast.iluv there adaily or weekly program list I can look at.??

    • Sorry Robert…no program list but The Province Sports podcast appears Monday to Friday, The Big Ticket is available Wednesday’s with the NFL picks show available on Fridays and TomTom Sports is also available every Wednesday.

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