Sept. 11, 2012

Published: September 11, 2012 | By afoster

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Jonathan and Paul talk about the efforts of Panama to distract our Canadian men’s soccer team in preparation for their critical qualifier.
Also we talk about Canada’s  true hopes to make the World Cup. We then enter the CFL v NFL debate, why do CFL fans get more defensive than Rich Stubler after the NFL receives some coverage. We talk about the anniversary of 911, and of then also touch on the potential of an NHL team in Seattle.

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  • The information provided regarding the issues being created by the Panamanians (and previously in Cuba) is not necessarily a surprise, BUT it remains attrocious and a show of exceedingly poor sportsmanship; you made comment “asking” if it was porr sportsmanship – there is NO question!

  • That is unbelievable that FIFA wouldn’t look into this, this goes beyond fair play etiquette. But something tells me the Central American countries could care less.

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