Seguin’s yellow helmet

Published: November 27, 2012 | By afoster

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The Boston Bruins’ Tyler Seguin gets to wear a nice, bright, yellow helmet signifying him as the leading scorer on his Swiss hockey team, EHC Biel. Of course, he says “it’s like having a target on your back.” During Tuesday’s Province Sports Podcast, Ben Kuzma and Jonathan McDonald discuss better alternatives to wearing a funny hat (think chocolate, or perhaps cologne). Seguin is one of many Bruins playing in Europe, which begs the question: Do the 2011 Stanley Cup champs have an advantage over the 2011 Stanley Cup runners-up, who have virtually no one in Europe? Plus, Kuzma and McDonald talk about Marvin Miller, the former Major League Players’ Association union boss who died today. It’s ironic his death should happen during the current NHL labour dispute; after all, what he did in baseball paved the way for advances that were made in hockey. On Wednesday’s podcast: Lowell Ullrich!

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