Ryan Kesler, sharp-dressed man

Ryan KesslerVanity Fair thinks hockey players are well dressed. Let’s cut to the chase. We don’t.

Does Ryan Kesler really stand out from the pack? It’s a bit of a mystery to us. We’d rather see the likes of Shea Weber, who makes the list as well, staying a little truer to their locale – how about some studded boots and belts?

Think about it – it’s like they wear their uniforms off-ice; how about a little colour, Michael Irvin-style. Hockey players are conservative in their dress – just like their attitudes to being different – so find a way to square that with Don Cherry’s mad dress…

Moving along – Zlatan or Ronaldo? The Portuguese star and his countrymen are in a do or die matchup with the big Swedes. Who ya got?

The Canucks’ road trip carries on; where would you like to check them out on the road – does it begin and end with New York, or would you be a hipster fan and go to…Columbus?

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