Rod Black on radio vs Canucks fans who bail early

Tampa Bay Lightning v Los Angeles KingsHoly, moly where to start. Well, first of all, Chappy’s back. He wasn’t really away, we just managed to not have him on last week.

Grey Cup. Well, it happened. Did you like the broadcast? Did you know Rod Black was on the radio? Jonny Mac does, because he was in the car during the first half.

Chappy reports that car companies may be looking at eliminating AM/FM radios from vehicles. Imagine what that would do to radio stations…

Good thing the alternative would be streaming radio. And podcasts.

And what about those Canucks. Nah, we’re not hear to talk about goal scoring or Corsi. We here to talk Drew Doughty and banter. And take aim at Canucks fans for being so sensitive. And take a look at those fans who leave games early. It’s not really defensible in most cases; its certainly not defensible in a one-goal game against the Stanley Cup champions.

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