Road Trip!

Vancouver Canucks v Los Angeles Kings

Welcome back…were you dreaming over the weekend?

Safe to say that the Canucks will be sleeping well over the next few nights, now that they are back from their Southwestern road trip. But are they going to be dreaming of glory? That was a tough loss in Anaheim, a great win in San Jose and a humbling loss in LA. Oh, and there was a game, or something, in Phoenix too.

Steve Stamkos is out and what do we really know about him? C’mon hockey, let those personalities out! Give us some personality to talk about. Otherwise it just feels like the same old names.

San Jose are in town on Thursday – ready for Thornton vs Botchord II?

The Lions are done, you knew that already. What happens to the team, going in to next year?
We’ve got a couple polls going up on on Wednesday, the Leos are one, the Whitecaps are the other.

This is Province Sports Radio, that same old place that you laughed about.

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