Province Sports Radio: Do coaches go to the bar too, or only Milan Lucic-type players?

Boston Bruins v Edmonton OilersWhat a weekend. Did you remember that the Canucks played not just one, but TWO hockey games?

Milan Lucic’s escapades put paid to that. Should it have? And should an athlete be able to go out and have a good time without being endlessly challenged? He’s a son of the city and he says he wants nothing more to do with the place.

How’s that for a topic? PJ, Chappy and J-mac let loose.

And then there’s the game on Saturday. Great performances from some question-mark forwards, plus an apparently well-timed tirade by the head coach.

Torts’ approach stands in contrast with the failures of Jason Garrett and Andre Villas Boas. Coaching at the the professional level is the toughest gig around, eh Carl Robinson?

The Whitecaps’ newest coach looks ready for the gig, but boy, did the team make the hiring process a stressful one. Plan B, he is. Hardly seems fair.

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