Podcast for Nov. 22, 2012

Will the clock ever strike midnight for Alain Vigneault and his Canucks coaching staff? In Thursday’s Province Sports podcast, Tony Gallagher stops by to chat with Jonathan McDonald about the 10 (Canucks) Issues series currently running in The Province – and about one of those issues being Vigneault’s ultimate inability to get it done in the playoffs. Gallagher and McDonald also discuss the incredible story of Jack Taylor, the NCAA Div. III shooting guard who scored a U.S. college-record 138 points in a game earlier this week. Another big scorer, Steve Ewen, joins McDonald on Friday’s podcast.

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  • Ok guys ..while I like to listen to your comments.I find it hard to believe that the province our whom ever can’t afford two microphones! For crying out loud, it sounds like you are in a submarine.
    I have the volume cranked and I still can’t catch what
    You are saying at times. please, please.get another mike
    Or@least move the one you have closer so I can hear you better.

    Thanx.. I feel better now! And I do enjoy your
    Comments …. When I can hear them…Rich

    • Fear not my good man. Jonathan, Paul and company are moving into our spiffy new podcast studio in the next week or two and we can guarantee that the sound quality will significantly improve as a result. New mics, new computers, new paint and the same incisive sports analysis and sparkling wit you’ve come to expect from the guys at The Province.

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