Podcast for Dec. 12, 2012

A huge treat for the Province Sports Podcast, as legendary Province Sports reader Mike Tuzzi – the author of dozens of Province letters to the editor over the years – joins Jonathan McDonald for the Wednesday podcast. And they talk about everything, from Canucks ticket prices to Tuzzi’s favourite soccer players of all time. Want to join the podcast? Email jmcdonald@theprovince.com. On Thursday, McDonald will be joined by columnist Tony Gallagher.

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  • Pedro Hans Domiguez

    Yes Mike does know alot about soccer and writes alot. But thats because he is allowed by his wife and work to spend so much time doing this. If I had the time he has I would do the same, as I lack attention as well. All kidding aside, Mike is well educated in sports, after all this is a hobby that he has had for most of his life, he even has a TV in his bathroom so he doesnt miss anything, best of luck Mike and keep writting, I enjoy what you have to say.

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