Paul and Ed on a striker for the Whitecaps, free agents for the Lions…and NHL coaching

PRV3011-BOWMAN-04 : BURNABY, BC -- NOV. 30, 1997 -- SEE JIM JAMIESON STORY-- Detroit Red Wing coach Scottie Bowman at practice on Sunday afternoon. Province photo by Nick Procaylo  [PNG Merlin Archive]Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman for Province Sports Radio and these are the questions they try to answer:

Is Fredy Montero the answer for the Whitecaps?

What does the team need to inspire the casual fan to get back on board with the Whitecaps?

How have the Lions done in free agency?

Wally Buono is a great coach, but is he too ruthless?

Does it make sense for a fan favourite like Ryan Phillips to leave town?

How far up the seniority list is Willie Desjardins in the NHL coaching fraternity?

Is this the era of the NHL superstar coach?

Is it really worth it to spend big dollars on a big-name coach?

What’s the best model, the young up-and-coming coach (Travis Green)? The re-tread name (Ken Hitchcock)? The reclamation project (Marc Crawford)?

And, should the Canucks be eyeing any of them over Willie?

Last, they ask what made Pat Quinn such a special coach in this market?

Remember, we said they’d “try” to answer these questions, no guarantee they don’t fail in this test, but listen along to Ed and Paul as they try to entertain you for 35 minutes.

This is Province Sports Radio.

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