Ottawa as challenging winter destination

Dallas Stars v Ottawa SenatorsSick and tired of the pre-packaged, mind-numbing, endless sales pitch that is the modern hockey game?

Or is that just a Canucks game?

Editor-in-chief Wayne Moriarty gets angered just thinking about the Ottawa Senators and what they did to his Montreal Canadiens last year. He doesn’t like Paul “The Fat Walrus” MacLean much either. Wayne’s a Habs fan, if you’ve forgotten.

Patrick Johnston likes the MacLean schtick, even if that means risking his boss’ wrath.

Having banter and conflict is what makes for good journalism, but will that exist in a world where only one outlet control the broadcasts in this country? Paul Chapman and Jonathan McDonald join The Top Man (Moriarty) and The Low Man on the totem pole (Johnston) to talk Ottawa Senators, the future of hockey broadcasts, fandom, concussions and more in the Wednesday edition of PSR…

Did you notice the timing of that announcement? Did you notice what it stomped out? Yep, that concussion lawsuit. Now admitedly, we taped the show before it was announced that 200 ex-players have signed on to the class action lawsuit launched on Monday. But don’t think that the announcement on Tuesday had nothing to do with Monday’s filing.

And did Bob McKenzie announcing the deal have some interesting undertones? Will we see TSN go out in a blaze of glory this season? They don’t have to play nice anymore.

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