Oct. 11, 2012

Published: October 11, 2012 | By afoster

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It’s a question that never gets old: Who has won more European soccer championships, England or the Vatican? That’s one of the more esoteric subjects the lads – Paul Chapman, Jonathan McDonald and Wayne “El Big Boss” Moriarty – discuss during Thursday’s Province Sports Podcast. Also on tap: why the excitement of the baseball playoffs only serves to widen the gulf between hockey and every sport that’s actually being played in October. Plus, Paul and Jonathan don’t get even remotely indignant about the scalping surrounding the Bieksa’s Buddies game; and critical thinking about Survivor. Lest we forget, there’s not a single mention of Edmonton. Oops, there it is. Come back Friday when Steve Ewen lands in the “studio” for Fridays With Steve.

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