New stadiums and the football marketplace: The Fifth Quarter for October 8

Fans, Tim Hortons FieldThe REDBLACKS are in town.

No, we don’t yell, but that’s the way the team wants their name spelled.

Are you excited? Seriously, are you?

Right. This is a pretty bad team coming in. The Lions are so banged up it’s hard to see how you can’t see them as terrible too.

Even more excited? Did you realize it’s also the home opener for some nearby hockey team?


Fear not, brave souls, Lowell Ullrich, safe from this freezing experience at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton last weekend, is here. So are Jonathan McDonald and Patrick Johnston. They want to know more about this mall at the late Landsdowne Field. (The new stadium is called TD Place Stadium, fyi.)

This is the Fifth Quarter podcast.


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