Mr. Robinson’s neighbourhood?

robinson.jpgBradley gone. Kreis gone. Yallop gone.

Time to worry about the Whitecaps?

Is Carl Robinson simply the last man standing?

Marc Weber joins Jonathan and Patrick to talk Whitecaps off-season. With the cross-country move of Jason Kreis to New York, Frank Yallop already in Chicago and Bob Bradley apparently turning the ‘Caps down, Carl Robinson looks to be the last option. He’s apparently always been Plan B – is that a bad thing?

And what about the Kreis move to a team that’s yet to exist. NYCFC won’t begin play until 2015 – alongside a team in Orlando – but it looks on its face to be a solid move. A team, in the Bronx, at Yankee Stadium, can’t go wrong, right?

Also, about the Lou Marsh Trophy. Jon Cornish – Head of the Class, 2002 – wins, but that’s a big time slight to Milos Raonic; at least Weber and Johnston think so. What about you?

J-Mac was sad that Canada wasn’t in the draw for the World Cup last Friday, what’s with that?

And who could imagine a podcast with both David Beckham FC getting a mention and one more reflection on Nelson Mandela…

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