Mondays with Chapman talks FIFA draws, MLS Cups, NFL madness and sports gifts

FBL-CAN-WC2015-WOMEN-DRAWLet’s talk the weekend.

The Women’s World Cup draw was in Ottawa, for some reason. Toronto’s mad because they want everything; but Vancouver’s got the final – wouldn’t it have…

Anyway, it’s FIFA, so go figure.

The Seahawks are rolling in to form, just in time.

The Patriots keep rumbling.

And how about that Steelers/Bengals reversal?

The MLS Cup was on Sunday, a fine game between the Galaxy and the Revolution. But it still speaks to the challenge the MLS faces trying to settle into the North American sporting landscape.

And how about firing your coach? The Senators did that on Monday morning – who knows why, really.

Plus, Chappy’s recommendations for gift-buying for the sports fan on your list.

This is Province Sports Radio, on a Monday.

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