Leafs collapse on 24/7…are you ready?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Vancouver CanucksAre you excited for HBO 24/7’s documentation of the collapse of the Toronto Maple Leafs?

That’s less than two weeks away. The cameras are in the Leafs’ and the Wings’ dressing rooms. When the Capitals were on in 2010, they were going through a true skid. In the aftermath, the Caps noted that having the cameras around was somewhat disruptive. They weren’t really complaining, but they did acknowledge it as an issue.

Randy Carlyle doesn’t like issues. His team already lives in a fishbowl. This will only add to the effect.

PJ can’t wait. Neither can Jonathan. Neither is pumped about the sanitized Sportsnet version, though.

Ryan Kesler has 14 goals. Surprised? A touch. But things are rolling well for him.

And boy, was that win over Nashville ever dull. It was, though, a solid performance by Roberto Luongo, the sort of game that the Canucks need more of. They’ve been true road warriors. A bit like Pearl Jam. Those guys have been going at it for 25 years and they still rock. Lesson there, kids.

Is the Lindsey Vonn comeback a smart idea, or a silly idea?

No more silly than dating Tiger Woods, right?

And no MLS Best XI for Camilo? Or did you not notice? Did you know it’s the MLS Cup this weekend in Kansas City? (They’re playing Salt Lake.) Did you know it’s going to be something like -7 degrees at kickoff this weekend?


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