July 10, 2012.

The baseball All Star Game, is it worth it? Are any All Star games worth it? Paul talks about the need for all-star celebrations, skills competitions, surely they are broken, but do we really need to fix them? He also highlights the Vancouver-Toronto rivalry that will be born out Wednesday in the Whitecaps v. TFC match in Toronto, and talks about nudity. Specifically nude athletes in the ESPN the Body Issue and the benefits to seeing athletes without their clothes on

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  • Chappy and Jonny, you need to bring back the letters to the sports editors section you used to have in The Province Sports section, that is very sadly missed. And I miss seeing my name in print to show my Mom….!

    • Hello fellow podcast listeners, am I the only one posting here?? Let’s get some commentary going, Chappy and Jonny are working hard and I’m wondering if anyone else is listening.

      Hello, is this thing on ???!

  • Is Robson a good fit for the Whitecaps?? He started out well, but where was he in the Toronto game? All he did was stop and complain everytime he got tapped, stood there and yelled at the referee, I thought that was out of character with the tough Scottish players. And he now we need him to step it up since Chiumi hit the road for Zurich. Come on Robson, spend more time elevating your game and show us why we acquired you. Stop the whining and get back to work. We know you can lead this team.

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