Judging Willie Desjardins

Desjardins1Ed Willes and Paul Chapman do their Friday Province Sports Radio podcast looking at the Canucks, and specifically the job Willie Desjardins has done.

It might not be fair to judge the Canucks coach on wins and losses, especially with all the injuries, but as Ed points out, there always seems to be some question about who is playing over whom, and why did a certain player get more ice time than another.

Ed then offers his opinion on the play of Jared McCann and Jake Virtanen and if they deserve more ice time based on their performance on the recent road trip.

Ed and Paul then talk about the visit of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday and how they are setting up their future nicely. As the worst team in the NHL, the Leafs are giving themselves a great shot at both the first overall draft pick, and having the money to spend on free agent Steven Stamkos in the offseason.

Lastly, with the Leafs on the road, the city of Toronto is consumed with hosting the NBA All Star Game. Does anyone outside of Toronto really care about the Toronto Raptors? Ed and Paul discuss, along with the “golden generation of Canadian basketball” and the lasting legacy of Kobe Bryant.

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