Jason Botchford vs Vinny Prospal, in the parking lot

AWCA1725.jpgAssume you’ve still got the dream. You think you can play. But how many people see out the end of their hockey career in an Abbotsford parking lot.

That’s the Vinny Prospal story. And Jason Botchford and a taxi driver were the only witnesses.

Yes, that’s right, Botch is on the show today.

Play along for a moment – what do you imagine happened at John Tortorella’s Point Roberts house last night? Is Torts a pillow thrower? Would he take an angry walk with the dogs, disgusted by what he saw?

Just as important as the Prospal nugget is answering the question: what the heck are you to do if you’re the Vancouver Canucks. Seriously, you’re Mike Gillis – what was your biggest mistake? What move do you *have* to make?

Is there any way out of this?

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