Is it OK to hate the Blue Jays?

blue_jays3Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman to revive their podcast and they begin with the question, is it OK to hate the Blue Jays?

We are told over and over again how it’s un-Canadian to not cheer for the boys in blue, but isn’t it really an act of treason against the flag, and the Queen, to cheer for any team from Toronto?

The Blue Jays have been oozing with compelling story lines though, and they just cap off a brilliant season of post season baseball with the Royals, Cubs and Mets all serving up fresh story lines.

The lads then jump in on the Canucks. The 3-0-1 start has fans dreaming again, but can this be more than a dream? Ed argues the trust in the youth movement has made a difference, but will it be sustainable over a long season.

They look at the other story lines in the NHL, are the Kings really done already? Will Darryl Sutter be the first coach fired? The pod wraps up with a look at the perplexing Lions and the way they throw games away, and the terrifying fate that seems to be falling on the Whitecaps as the teams looks to have blown both hamstrings, a knee and a gallbladder heading into the playoffs.

Join Ed and Paul every Friday for a look at the week in sports.

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