Hold onto your hats, Air Canucks in a nosedive

Daniel Sedin Sheldon BrookbankHow down are you, Canucks fans? That was a walloping last night. The home team, we hate to break it to you – they’re just not that great.

They were once. They aren’t right now. Plus, there’s players dropping like flies – this is now the proverbial ‘it’ll only get worse before it gets better.’

Hold on to your seats.

So there’s that. And then there’s the Super Bowl. Our full preview is tomorrow, but you know Chappy, he just loves talking strategy. And he loves thinking about the food for the big game.

So, hop on in, join PJ, JMac and Chappy, and think about happier hockey times and the thriller that could be in Met Life this weekend.

This is Province Sports Radio.

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