Historic day for JFK and more

US-KENNEDY-50YEARS-DEATH AND FUNERALCanucks game day. JFK. Howard Tsumura is honoured. Jordan Bowman’s fancy stats. The Grey Cup.

It’s a full day and J-Mac and PJ are here to set it all up.

Obviously, neither of your hosts were alive when Kennedy was assasinated and yet his death still fascinates. He was something different and his impact was so broad that schools and other public institutions in B.C. were closed in his honour.

Shifting gears, there’s a big night out at UBC for The Province’s own Howard Tsumura. Nobody puts more time in that Howie and he deserves it.

The Canucks host the Blackhawks – there isn’t a bigger, more fun opponent for the Canucks. The rivalry is endless. Jason Botchford has written about it. Jordan Bowman calls Alex Burrows’ goal in 2011 to win the series as bigger than any other goal – even Pavel Bure’s against Calgary in 1994. But do the Canucks have a chance tonight?

Have you heard Jordan Bowman’s new fancy stats? They are going to be made clearer on Sunday, but their titles alone make listening to today’s podcast worth it.

And of course, there’s the Grey Cup. We’ve talked plenty about it this week, but this is our last chance.

Lots in here, lots to get your head around.

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