Heroes under the microscope

lions1Province Sports Radio, Friday with Ed Willes puts our local heroes under the microscope.

Big weekend for the Whitecaps, less so for Lions but the storyline is is still there for both of them. What do the Caps have to do to take the next step?

What do the Lions have to do to reccapture the market place?
And Ed and Paul Chapman kick around the real animosity that exists between the two organizations as they fight for their place in this market.

Which ties in with the Canucks. Couldn’t sell out Pittsburgh with Sidney Crosby. Crowd for Philadelphia was awful. What’s happened there?

Finally, Ed talks about Paul’s love for the 8-0 Bengals, more specifically why do we as fans demonstrate loyalties to teams? What compels us to support them when any rational being would have rejected them long ago?

And in the Get Off Our Lawn segment, they ponder if Fantasy Football, video games and other sports games have kids today attaching themselves to star players rather than sticking with an awful team through thick and thin.

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