Football in the snow: way better than hockey stupidity

Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore RavensWho says they hate Mondays? This is the biggest day of the week for sports chatter. Two Canucks games, a pile of outstanding NFL games.

Plus all the things there’s no time for – the MLS Cup, basketball, baseball hall of fame and retirements…take your pick, there’s tonnes to cover.

It’s PJ, Chappy and J-Mac today. How great is snow football you ask? Well, let’s get narrower. How great was this week’s installment of snow football? That Eagles-Lions game was epic!

Does that bode well for the Super Bowl? It’s outside, in New Jersey this year, after all. Wouldn’t you like to see a Super Bowl in Seattle?

And yes, it’s time to talk about codes again. That was crazy stuff on Saturday. If ever you needed to know that no code has ever existed, it was what Shawn ‘Mr. Code’ Thornton did. That was awful.

That wasn’t even fighting, that was stupidity. You want to know why Americans are lukewarm to hockey? Because the NHL does nothing about stupidity. It’s that simple.

If you have guys like Wyatt Arndt, Jeff Marek and Kevin Paul Dupont going off about all this, well you know what? It’s time for action.

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