Ed Willes: What of the NHL in Seattle?

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman as they talk NFL, Canucks, Bo Horvat, the Seahawks and the NHL in Seattle.

They start off discussing the Seahawks huge in last week and where that leaves them in the NFC playoff race with a monster game against Jacksonville this weekend. They also talk about the brutality of four concussions, a spinal injury and bodies lying all over the field on the Monday night game between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and what that says about the future of the NFL.

As talk turns to the Canucks they tackle the news of Bo Horvat being out for six weeks with an ankle injury. Ed suggests two players who now have a sizeable opportunity to step up and fill Horvat’s skates. Ed also talks about the state of the team and surmises the Canucks are finally fulfilling what they’ve been promising the fans for the last four year.

They wrap up kicking around the news that the arena approval in Seattle earlier this week opens the door for the NHL in Seattle and how much fun it can be now for the local hockey fan who gets to go on an affordable, quick road trip to see their team play and offers an instant geographical rival.

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