Ed goes to Calgary

lions_stampeders1Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman for their Friday spin round the world of sports.

Before Ed jets off to Calgary for the CFL playoff game between the Lions and Stampeders, the lads look at the Whitecaps, how quickly their fortunes changed last week and if the team needs to take a different approach to move forward.

They then take on the Lions and suggest that if they can win this week they can turn what seemed to be a lost season into one of growth and hope for the future.
Ed has covered Olympic sports for more than two decades and both Ed and Paul lament the lack of outrage, and action over the news this week that Russia essentially rigged the 2018 Winter Games by manipulating the drug lab.

Shouldn’t there be more anger? More fuss? Does anyone care anymore?

Lastly they turn to hockey and talk about the travails of the Canucks and why it will be tough to care about the World Cup of Hockey.

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