Casual Tuesday returns with a look a Canucks and Lions youth

Jared McCann, Scottie UpshallShould the Canucks young guns get more ice time? Steve Ewen sees what Wille D’s doing and thinks he’s right, even if Canucks fans are up in arms.

Patrick Johnston was away for a month, so he’s just happy to listen to Steve. The high-flying Habs, the Blue Jays’ season, the Royals as World Series favourites and Jon Jennings’ impressive impact on the Lions are all on deck – plus Steve asks a very interesting question: is Carey Price the most important single player in North American sports? Or is a hockey goalie too dependent on his teammates for his own success – is it really a quarterback like Tom Brady? What’s the most important position in sports?

This is Province Sports Radio, on a Casual Tuesday.

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