Canucks: Adventures in Averageness

Hockey playersIt’s Friday, time to wrap that Canucks road trip. Never has a ‘successful’ 7-gamer seemed so middling.

Really, did anything impress you from the trip, other than the Canucks are mostly average?

Mike Santorelli and Brad Richardson have having great starts, but how can it continue? Remember the days when the Canucks had to scrap to make the playoffs, when they really weren’t that good? In many ways way, way better.

Oh, and John Scott – don’t be sorry, just don’t do it. The cult of sorry needs to stop. (Also, is anyone surprised that the old boys are coming down hard on Ron Ralston but not on any of the other coaches who’ve employed John Scott?)

Concussions don’t go away – both as a talking point and as a health issue. Given the NHL’s hamfisted approach to ‘ending’ fighting (they are making it, uh, safer, after all), it’s time to talk. Again.

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