Canucks 101 the Podcast: Part One

web-photo-jpgProject: launched.

This Sunday, we revealed the first 25 names in our look at the 101 greatest players in the 44-year history of the Vancouver Canucks.

Let’s this out of the way first: yes, it’s a ridiculous list.

But there’s a method to our madness – the Canucks’ story has plenty in it and plenty of characters and stories and narratives.

This is a way to tell that history.

To open our four-part series, Patrick Johnston and Jonathan McDonald join up with long-time Canucks fan Steve May to look at the first batch of names and talk about how you actually rank players this far down a list.

These aren’t superstars – mostly – but they are people who bring up memories and emotions.

This is The 101 Greatest Canucks.

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