Bullying, cheapshots and tributes

hankSports is filled with lines. Blue lines, side lines, goal lines…bully lines, cheapshot lines…

Rookie initiations have been around forever, but obviously Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins crossed “the line.” Where is that line, though?

Can Jonathan Martin go back to the Miami Dolphins?

And what about the line that Joffrey Lupul crossed on Saturday, when he tried to elbow Henrik Sedin? Surprised that Hockey Night in Canada made nary a mention?

Here at the Province Sports, we must acknowledge Wyatt Arndt for spending a late Saturday night session writing about the elbow that never was. What else would we have talked about?!

With the Canucks’ most exciting-ever player in town, wasn’t it actually quite appropriate that the team’s greatest-ever players re-signed their contracts while he was here? Some say no, we say yes.

(It’s the longest episode of the season but bear with us, it’s worth it… )

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