Botchford’s rural, outdoor NHL tour

115316-ClassicJersey-jc03Ottawa, again?

C’mon, you’ll be happy. Botch got the call to go on this road trip; he’s reporting to us from a field in Kanata.

Kanata you say? Where the heck is that?

Well…let’s ask Botch.

Yep, The Province’s most voluble (and we’ve got a few) sports reporter joins the show today to set up Canucks vs Ottawa. And it’s as much about the Heritage Classic as it is about this late-November tilt.

Yup, we’re about to go hard on the folly of playing so many outdoor games – not just the absurdity of playing in a rain-soaked domed stadium.

And then there’s the blood-boiling topics of David Booth and Zack Kassian. Botch says the Hunter wants to play and that the Kid just needs a real opportunity. It’s gloves off time.

It’s a gooder.

This is Province Sports Radio.

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