Boring hockey media begets boring TV hockey. Sunday nights? Yawn.

Bob CostasSick and tired of boring hockey media? So are we. (Maybe the Leafs leaving a self-updating tweet-aggregator is something we need more of, not less.)

It’s time to put something on Sundays, say the powers that be.

But that’s a football day, you cry.

Yes, but Sundays are also on Mondays and Thursdays now. They used to be about Saturdays too.

So, is that the rationale behind trying to start a Sunday Night Hockey broadcast? Seems a bit silly, if you ask us.

HBO’s 24/7 production launched with a whimper. HNIC is far from what it was.

We need some spark. Maybe, just maybe a Sunday program could change that.

But we’re not convinced. Sigh.

Oh, and then there’s shootouts.

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