Bob McKenzie vs Don Cherry (or: NHL on Sportsnet)

Shaking you to your TV viewing core…

Can you handle this strange Sportsnet/CBC partnership? Can you live without TSN?

PSR is all about TV rights today. Chappy, PJ and J-Mac welcome the National Post’s Sean Fitz-Gerald to the show; Sean was at the press conference in Toronto this morning and heard from Gary Bettman’s mouth just what the NHL wants.

Is a national approach really going to work? Canucks fans don’t really watch other games, or do they? There’s a lot riding on this new approach.

Twelve years is a long time in the wilderness for TSN. What will the big names like Bob McKenzie do? ESPN does pretty well without having big-time rights to football…

There’s also a lot of questions about the CBC’s future – they make no money from this deal, but they also don’t spend any money. They’ve got the technical expertise and the brand. That’s it.

And how about Don Cherry? There were plenty of questions…

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